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Virtual Labs for Cyber Security

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Schedule:                                                      March 31, 2022 10:00 AM PST

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  • Secure your virtual environments with Microsoft Azure. 
  • Devise a highly encrypted network for platform protection. 
  • Secure data and applications. 
  • Get ready to use hands on labs customized as per the course requirement.  

Virtual environments have definitely changed the course of learning for Institutions and students alike. High-in-demand skills like cyber security can now be taught in virtual environments which are ethical and safe. Virtual environments are highly flexible and versatile, you can have access to the latest software programs required in ethical hacking without making any additional expenses.  

Cyber security is associated with handling digital trespassing, data theft, and ethical hacking. Not only do you need to perform tasks without damaging a secured network, but you are also expected to prepare yourself from external hackers without compromising on the safety measures. These real-life scenarios dealt with virtual labs prepare the students for their future jobs and give them an insight into what their dream career looks like. 

Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing everywhere, and thus, with the rapid increase, we need to prepare more Certified Cyber Warriors. This webinar is for everyone who is willing to understand the core concepts of cybersecurity and learn everything you need to know about integrating virtual lab environments in cyber security courses. 

Who can join: 

  • Students who wish to enroll in cybersecurity courses. 
  • Individuals who have a day-to-day task of dealing with security solutions on Azure platforms. 
  • IT engineers, responsible for data security in big organizations. 



Amit Malik

Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT) 
Principal Cloud Engineer, Author & Speaker | Microsoft CSP, ISV Enabler

Amit holds 40+ Microsoft Certifications in various domains like Azure Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Microsoft 356: Administrator Expert, Azure Network Engineer, Azure Data Scientist, Azure Security Expert, and more. He has 10+ years of experience in a vast array of Cloud technologies and has showcased his expertise multiple times as an Author and as a proficient Microsoft Certified Trainer.